How do you play slitherio

Slitheriois a new mobile game which is massively addictive. In this game there is a snake avatar and the aim is to become the biggest and the longest snake possible. This is done by consuming of the colored dots which lie all around. These dots are formed when the snake avatar of another player dashes either against a wall or against any other player’s snake.

There are some tips and strategies that are employed by persons playing this game and they are :

  1. When the snake is small, what the player should do is to eat it and grow but avoid other and bigger snakes especially.
  2. When the snake has reached a decent size, then one way to eat all the dots is to wrap around a smaller snake.The small snake will then have no option other than to run into your avatar. Once this is done, you can get to consume all the pellets which are left behind.
  3. In order to dash, you should hold down the left click button of the mouse. This allows the snake to gain speed but in the process some length decreases of the snake. hack

If you are not averse to it, there are several hack sites which are there. Theseslitherio cheat sites allows the player to increase their speed, get invisible, have any amount of lives, get unlimited mass as well as it allows the person to zoom in and zoom out as per what they want.

The slitherio cheatsites are very popular as also the slitherio hacks and the slitherio bots. There are other cheats which allow the player a god mode and there are those that allow them a number of features including skins which otherwise would not be possible for the user to have.

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