Many people want to get a monitoring solution to track the activities of their kids or their partner. Most of the parents want to get such solution so that they can track and follow the smart phone activities of their kids. If you are also looking for such spy software, you can choose the MsPyar for your smart phone. It is one of the most advanced spy software that can be used to monitor any android or IOS mobile.

Easy ways for spy program download:

The smart phone users can easily get the casus program indir. The MsPyar spy software is available for the various android and IOS devices. If you want to get it in Android device, you just need to select the unknown source installation in phone setting and then you can download and install this software in that mobile. You can get this software in any device running on Android version 4+.

ebeveyn takip programi

If you are using the IOS device and want to get this spy program download, you will need a jailbreak version of IOS smart phone or tablet. It is little complex process buy you can use this tool in any jailbreak iPhone device. The jailbreak process removes the limitations of the IOS devicesand you can install the spy software in device.

Benefits of spy program download:

MsPyar spy software has very benefits for people who want to track kids, partner or employees mobile activities. You can use this tool to get the details of call records, contacts, text messages, instant messaging apps, multimedia files and emails. You will also get the access to the GPS location of the mobile. So it is perfect solution to get for your smart phone if you are looking to monitor the smart phone or tablet of any person.



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Slitheriois a new mobile game which is massively addictive. In this game there is a snake avatar and the aim is to become the biggest and the longest snake possible. This is done by consuming of the colored dots which lie all around. These dots are formed when the snake avatar of another player dashes either against a wall or against any other player’s snake.

There are some tips and strategies that are employed by persons playing this game and they are :

  1. When the snake is small, what the player should do is to eat it and grow but avoid other and bigger snakes especially.
  2. When the snake has reached a decent size, then one way to eat all the dots is to wrap around a smaller snake.The small snake will then have no option other than to run into your avatar. Once this is done, you can get to consume all the pellets which are left behind.
  3. In order to dash, you should hold down the left click button of the mouse. This allows the snake to gain speed but in the process some length decreases of the snake. hack

If you are not averse to it, there are several hack sites which are there. Theseslitherio cheat sites allows the player to increase their speed, get invisible, have any amount of lives, get unlimited mass as well as it allows the person to zoom in and zoom out as per what they want.

The slitherio cheatsites are very popular as also the slitherio hacks and the slitherio bots. There are other cheats which allow the player a god mode and there are those that allow them a number of features including skins which otherwise would not be possible for the user to have.

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Well everybody knows that the gaming console that is most in demand these days is the PlayStation. The PS games are played by almost everyone belonging to all the age groups. Today every gaming enthusiast would love to have one for them. This is also the reason why the free PSN cards are so much in demand.

What are free PSN cards?

There are many features of the PlayStation gaming console that remain locked unless you pay for them from your own pocket. This is a really frustrating thing because you spend a lot of your money on buying the console and then you have to pay more to get all its features. So, this problem has been taken care of by the websites that provide you with certain cards that you can use to buy and unlock these features and that too for free.

free psn cards

Why do they give these cards for free?

Well technically speaking the  PSN Codes are not exactly for free. The website needs you do certain tasks like filling up a survey. This survey is put by the sponsors of the website. If you fill up the survey you actually do the website and therefore the sponsors a favor and in exchange they give you the cards for free so that you can access the features of PlayStation for free. The sponsors get their due in the form of the survey while you get the free access to the PSN features and the website gets the sponsors for their website.

If you have the PlayStation gaming console you must have access to these cards that will help you get the best of the experience and the most enjoyment as you can easily get all that you want. You can easily log on to these websites and get as many cards as you want.


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Well, the name itself gives you the answer to that question. It is a robot that vacuums. They are extremely handy in the modern day households as they can operate under various conditions and perhaps the best part is that they can function all by themselves once you have programmed them properly.

There are numerous individuals today who are looking for the best robot vacuum cleaners, but it is extremely important for these individuals to be well aware of the various aspects of robot vacuum cleaners.

By various aspects, these robots come with some limitations that you should know. This article will be giving you an overview of these limitations. For details descriptions, all you need to do is visit,


Limitations of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

No device in this world is free from its very own set of limitations. The same holds for the various robot vacuum cleaners in the market today. So, it is extremely important for individuals to have a brief idea regarding the numerous limitations that these robot vacuums cleaners have before they actually purchase one of these.

Listed below are some of the most common limitations:

  • These robots are quite efficient as far as level floors are concerned. If however, they come across floors that have a slope greater than 30 degree, they are most likely to fail to operate. Hence, it is extremely important that you have level floors.
  • In the event that you are willing to use these cleaners for cleaning stairways, you will without a doubt end up disappointed as they work only on level floors as mentioned above.
  • The light sensors of these robot don’t really work well as far as dark black surfaces are concerned. This is due to the fact that these surfaces are capable of reflecting the light to a great extent.

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Drones have essentially emerged as a great beneficiary tool for a wide array of purposes. Previously, whenever there is anybody talking about drones, it essentially used to be on attacks, wars and terrorists or spying on a situation. The air that surrounds the drones has essentially changed a lot in the recent past. With the growing presence in media, its potential is becoming all the more important. It is also been used greatly in the recreational and entertainment purposes. These further are integrated with cameras that make it all the alluring to make use of. Following are the ways in which drone camera is found to be an important element.

camera drone

Capture of live events

This has been one of the most integral uses of a drone. A drone with camera is commonly been used these days in order to capture various live events including sports, concerts and addresses made by the politicians. These help in providing perspective to audience that no other technology can offer. Cameras in the past used to hang from the cables in order to capture the aerial views. However, the drones today are recognized as flying objects that has the ability to move in any direction.

Survey of dangerous areas

Drones now have opened up varied possibilities for the humans who wish to explore the deepest corners of the world. With camera drone, it has got easier to avail closer looks of diverse dangerous areas. It has become a lot possible to look closer at places which are not easily accessible for the human beings. The drones further go into places while providing footage that serve as great utility. These are available online at cost effective prices. You can avail them online at great discounts while these devices emerge as great utility for one and all.

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